We started MarketScouts because we were unhappy with the investment resources already out there:

  • Traditional finance media earns money by creating noise. We subscribed to Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, The Economist, and others for many years. They’re great to read. But we didn't get one actionable investment idea. We did get a ton of stress, though.

  • New finance media tries to be "different" and simply ends up worse. Welcome to emoji land. Get ready for the spam trying to upsell you on stock picks churned out by poorly paid freelancers. Plus they're all chasing the latest hot thing in an effort to win traffic: Bitcoin, Tesla, NFTs, GameStop, you name it.

This is how MarketScouts will be different:

No finance jargon but no emoji overload either

Finance really isn't that complex. But the industry makes a ton of money by slapping obscure terms onto fairly simple concepts. Borrow at low rates, invest at high ones? "Carry trade". Buy low here, sell high there? "Arbitrage". And so on. We'll do our best to explain every term in words we all can understand.

Actionable investment ideas

Most finance websites out there write about companies that are “hot” – it’s easier to get views that way. We’ll talk about real opportunities, from a wide range of markets (not just the US or UK), and we’ll put our money where our mouth is too.

Friendly investor community

If you subscribe, you’ll also get access to our private community, where we’ll host regular Zoom calls and discuss books, lessons, and investment ideas. Occasionally we’ll also have high-profile guests – keep an eye out for our announcements.

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